Kubernetes migration

Well the migration to Kubernetes is complete the blog is now running on a managed k8s cluster on DigitalOcean. I will have some write ups on how I got here and where I go from here, but for now I’m just monitoring the blog to see how it performs, and make certain there are no security holes. I did very quickly find the source of my WP admin slowness thanks to a nice little WP plugin QueryMonitor again much, much more to come.



So I had some challenges getting this up and running but I found a few blog post that helped me out:


the first issue I had was a lot of Linux distros use systemd-resolved I am using photon OS and of course it does also so the first thing to do is

sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved

sudo systemct disable systemd-resolved

the reason for this is it consumes udp 53 which you’re container needs to run on the next issue I had was usually I can docker exec bash into a container, well this container is slim and I mean slim there is not bash no anything I kept getting an OCI error when I attempted to run any exec commands so I had to use the below docker command

docker run -d -p 53:53/udp --rm --name coredns -v /static_content/coredns_config/:/root/ coredns/coredns -conf /root/Corefile

again big help from the above blog postings. Then the final issue I had was I’m pretty sure after you disable systemd-networkd you need to reboot photon OS our whatever flavor of linux because after changing the DNS server to itself again it’s running the coredns container I couldn’t get resolution, again a simple reboot fixed my issue Note I have 3 files in this repo to be modified for your specific use case the files are Corefile, db.lab.io, and db.192.168.99 But now I am finally free of having to always stand up a Windows VM for DNS