UMDS 6.7 vs 6.5

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

I just wanted to write a post on the differences between VMware’s Linux based UMDS 6.7 vs 6.5, one big change is that postgres is no longer required in 6.7. So here is a quick walkthrough in installing UMDS 6.7.x

I will be using CentOS 7 minimal, mount your VCSA 6.7 DVD inside your cent VM and copy the VMware-UMDS-6.7.0-10164201.tar.gz from the umds directory to anywhere you desire /tmp is a good place. I’ve created a script and called it umds.sh and you can get it here this was tested again on CentOS 7 minimal please pay attention to lines 45&46 as this might not have to be done if you are on Ubuntu or another flavor of Linux.

And that should be it umds up and running, while the script uses the SimpleHTTPServer that comes with python you can use whatever web server you like Nginx, Apache, anything. I am also looking into turning this into a docker container…


Enable Syslog Esxi

So I wanted to enable Syslog on my PSC’s, VCSA’s, and on my Esxi servers and while enabling Syslog on the PSC’s and VCSA’s are pretty straight forward I did run into a bit of an issue enabling it on Esxi. The big gotcha is make certain the service is running, and that the firewall rule is enabled to allow UDP 514 or TCP 514 “Outbound” just like the pics below.


Inaccessible VM’s in vSAN

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

So in my home lab I had to shutdown my server so I could add some memory and when I started everything back up I noticed that I few of my VM’s in my nested vSAN cluster had inaccessible next to them, so I started Googling around and I found the solution below:

SSH into the vCenter that hosts your vSAN cluster(s) and then execute the below commands:

rvc administrator@vsphere.local@localhost

vsan.check_state -r /localhost/YOUR_DATACENTER/computers/YOUR_VSAN_CLUSTER


Disk not found

So I had an issue trying to upgrade from ESXi 5.5 to 6.0, for some reason the upgrade process would not recognize the RAID 1 that ESXi was installed, after looking around I realized that the HP Smart Array firmware was on 3.x so I loaded the HP SPP which upgraded the firmware to 6.x, and viola, drive showed up during the upgrade process. Lesson here, keep your servers firmware up to date.


Photon OS 1.x /root partition full

Ran into an issue today in which our gitlab server running in a docker container using VMware’s photonOS 1.x ran out of disk space on the /root partition by default this partition is only ~15GB; while the container was still running and I could log into gitlab I couldn’t clone any repos. The solution, simply add space to the disk in vCenter and boot the VM into GParted live an extend /dev/sda1 in my case, reboot, and all was good Thank goodness for GParted Live.


Errors: Invalid operation requested: This ruleset is required and cannot be disabled

So I had to call VMware support today because I noticed on all of our Esxi 6.5 hosts when I attempted to run services.sh restart I received the following message “Errors: Invalid operation requested: This ruleset is required and cannot be disabled” which made no sense to me as I am accustomed to seeing all services restart when I entered that command.  But after a brief communication with VMware support they informed me that that was the new expected behavior for that command, and in order to see the services restart, I need to run the following command ” services.sh restart & tail -f /var/log/jumpstart-stdout.log” and then, of course, you need to hit CTRL+C to exit.  I don’t think I like the new behavior, but at least there’s an easy way to see the services restart.


Home Lab Servers and Switch

So here is my home lab config while I’ve seen others use servers built from SuperMicro or Intel NUC’s I wanted to build a lab as cheap as possible, so I went to eBay and got old enterprise gear, and they are as follows:


  1. HP DL380 G5 server(1)
  2. HP DL360 G5 server(1)
  3. Cisco 3750-E switch(1)(24 1Gb ports + 2 10Gb ports)

I am currently running Esxi 6.0 with 2 external PSC’s and 2 VCSA’s in enhanced linked mode, I am currently rebuilding my lab and the new config will be 1 external PSC and 1 VCSA running 6.5 so I can test out my 10Gb network.